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Harness the power of the sun like never before with The Juice Box. Our revolutionary mobile solar generator. Designed for efficiency, portability, and unparalleled power output, The Juice Box offers a sustainable energy solution that's both innovative and eco-friendly.

The Juice Box - Green Power Technologies

Unleash the Power with Up to 198 m² of Solar Panels

Imagine a world where you can bring a powerful energy source anywhere you need it. The 20′ Mobile Solar Container makes this a reality. With an impressive solar panel area, it delivers significant power outputs of 33 kW, 44 kW, or 55 kW, ensuring you have the energy you need for any application. Its design allows for easy transportation and deployment on any level ground, making it as convenient as it is powerful.

Designed for Excellence

The Juice Box isn’t just another solar power solution. It’s a carefully engineered product that embodies innovation. Resembling a shipping container, it comes equipped with up to 36m² of solar panels, ready to harness solar energy right out of the box. This fully wired and operational system is not just about generating power; it’s about delivering an efficient, portable, and versatile energy solution.

Operational Advantages

  • Efficiency at Scale

    Designed to roll out and generate substantial solar power instantly, The Juice Box enhances the capacity and efficiency of solar energy utilisation. It's perfect for larger-scale applications that require reliable, sustainable power solutions.

  • Ultra-Low Emissions

    Demonstrates your commitment to sustainability with significantly lower emissions.

  • Advanced Security Features

    Equipped with AI Camera Surveillance, the Brain Buster Siren, and CS Gas Security, it offers around-the-clock security. This comprehensive 24/7 security system ensures the safety and integrity of your energy solution, no matter where it is deployed.

  • Versatility

    Whether it's for industrial, commercial, or community use, The Juice Box seamlessly integrates into various settings, providing augmented solar power wherever it's needed.

Solar Array - Green Power Technologies
Solar Panels - Green Power Technologies

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions & Weight

    Modified to fit the shipping container standards, it extends up to 36m in length when deployed, with weights ranging from 5401 kg to 7545 kg, depending on the configuration.

  • Power Output

    Choose between 33 kW, 44 kW, or 55 kW models to meet your power needs, with a supply voltage of 230/110v AC, accommodating a wide range of applications.

  • Eco-friendly Design

    By utilising solar power, The Juice Box contributes to a greener planet, reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable energy use.

Sizing Options

6070mm x 2444mm x 2300mm
5.5m x 23.4m
5.5m x 31.2m
5.5m x 36m
230/110v AC

Use in Conjunction with The Power Box

Discover The Power Box, our innovative power solution designed to complement The Juice Box by seamlessly integrating solar energy. This powerful combination not only guarantees a continuous power supply but also slashes diesel fuel usage by an impressive 80%, offering a greener, more cost-effective alternative. Ideal for ensuring reliability without sacrificing sustainability, The Power Box is the perfect enhancement for those seeking the ultimate in efficiency and eco-friendly power solutions.

Explore how The Power Box can support your energy needs and environmental goals by contacting us today.

Discover Sustainable Power Solutions

Discover how The Juice Box can transform your approach to power generation, aligning with both your financial optimisation and environmental sustainability goals. For businesses across the globe looking to innovate and lead in corporate responsibility, The Juice Box offers a strategic advantage.